02 Jun

By Isla Stewart

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10 Reasons to enter Trades Awards 2022

If you still need a reason to enter Trades Awards 2022, we’ve got 10 for you…

1. Shout about your achievements

Applying for a Trades Awards is a great opportunity to share your achievements. Even better if you are chosen as a finalist or go on to win! You can use your winner’s logo on all marketing material and as a tool for helping to win new business.

2. Increased credibility

Winning or being shortlisted as a finalist, can act as an endorsement for your business, giving customers increased piece of mind before you have even started working for them.

3. Free publicity

Being a finalist or winner gives you an opportunity to tell your colleagues, clients and industry peers what a great job you have done. Send news to local and national media and reach audiences you haven’t spoken with before, leading to more customers.

4. Attract talent

The best employees want to work for the best employer, and winning an award will help to show you care about your team, your project, your customers, and your reputation.

5. Get the competitive edge.

When a potential client or investor is comparing you to your competitors, a business award could just give you the edge, perhaps instead of having to reduce your prices and lose money.

6. Reflect on your successes

The application process provides an important opportunity to reflect on your successes. Often you will be so busy working on your business that you forget to stop and think about what you have achieved, how you managed, and where you want to go from here.

7. Share your expertise

Winning an award, and even being short-listed as a finalist, helps to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field, which can in turn open up new opportunities such as speaking at events, guest blogs, and features in local media

8. Network with the construction industry

Attending an awards dinner give you the opportunity to network with other business leaders, suppliers, and even competitors. It’s good to know how others are doing, share challenges, and celebrate successes together

9. Boost team morale

Most of our past winners have spoken passionately about how winning an award has boosted team morale, and really given them a sense of pride, ownership and purpose.

10. Take home the silverware

You might just win an amazing trophy to proudly show off to clients, friends, family, neighbours, strangers, the dog, the metaverse…