02 Apr

By Isla Stewart

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Why taking part in Trades Awards 2023 is good for your business

Taking part in Trades Awards has many benefits that may not be obvious from the offset. Below are a few that come with entering your business into Trades Awards.

Shout about your achievements!

Use your award on all corporate literature and advertising, on your website and in your newsletters. Use it as a tool for your business pitches and include it in all quotes and customer correspondence.


Winning or being shortlisted as a finalist often acts as a third-party endorsement for your business, giving customers increased peace of mind before you have even started working for them.

Free PR

Winning an award gives you an opportunity to tell your colleagues, clients, and industry peers what a fantastic job you have done. Send news of your award to local and national media and reach audiences you haven’t spoken with before, leading to more customers.


The best employees want to work for the best employer. I think we would all like to work for an award-winning business, wouldn’t you?

Competitive Edge

When a potential client or investor compares you to your competitors, a business award could give you the edge instead of reducing your prices and losing money. Remember your achievements. The application process provides an opportunity to reflect on your successes. You will often be so busy working on your business that you must remember to stop and think about what you have achieved, how you managed it, and where you want to go from here.

You are Simply the Best

Winning an award and even being short-listed as a finalist helps to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field, which can, in turn, open new opportunities such as speaking at events or even features in local media

Networking Opportunity

Attending an awards dinner gives you the opportunity to network with other business leaders and even competitors. It’s good to know how others are doing, and of course, it is even better if you can tell that you recently won an award!

Increased Team Morale

Our past winners have spoken about how winning an award has boosted team morale and given them a sense of pride, ownership, and purpose.

The award itself! You win a fantastic trophy to proudly show off to friends, family, neighbours, strangers, and the dog……