Finalist Spotlight: Heather Dale Garden Design


Ever since Heather Dale was a teenager, she wanted to be a garden designer. Now her designs are being recognised at the Trades Awards 2019 where she’s been shortlisted for the Garden Design and Landscaping Award. We spoke to Heather about what this means to her and what inspires her.

Congratulations Heather! You’ve had an interest in designing gardens since very early on. How did your career in garden design take shape?

“I have always been involved with plants in some way or another, working in nurseries, for landscapers, studying for a degree and PhD in Plant Science before setting up as a Garden Designer just over 10 years ago.”

What inspires your designs?

“There are two main ingredients which go together to inspire me when designing a garden. Firstly people – people who use the garden, who sit in it and see it every day and their wishes for how they would like it to be different. For example, a change of style, way of using an area or improving a view. My second main inspiration is the garden itself and its surrounding landscape, how the garden can become part of its setting but equally whether areas need to be screened and the focus shifted.”

What has been one of your favourite projects to work on?

“All the projects I work on are special in their own way. Every garden is different and personal to the client and it is a privilege to be allowed into people’s lives to create their gardens. If I had to pick a favourite, there is a project that I have been working on for several years. We started with just a small border in front of a window and have gradually transformed the whole garden, creating new seating areas, shady woodland planting and wilder areas blending into the woods outside the garden.”

That sounds incredible. Last question, how would it feel to win the Garden Design and Landscaping Award?

“It would feel amazing to win, I would be bouncing off the walls!”

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