Finalist Spotlight: Stewart Milne


Stewart Milne recently launched their new ‘Fast Track Programme’ which was piloted at Scotland’s Apprenticeship Week. Susan Hudson, Learning and Development Manager, tells us more about the programme and why they’d be delighted to win the Trades Innovation Award.

Congratulations on your nomination for the Fast Track Programme! What makes it so innovative?

“The Fast Track Modern Apprenticeship is innovative because it is the first of its kind in Scotland where an apprenticeship has been tailored and agreed for and by the home building industry employers. It is a modern apprenticeship that works for the home building industry because it is not gender, age specific or location bound as it happens wholly in the workplace.”

The programme was piloted recently. How did this go?

“The pilot of the programme started on 4th March 2019 and is progressing beyond our expectations with all of the delegates advising they are engaged, motivated and committed to being the assistant site managers of the future. We have generated a great deal of interest, and discussions are already ongoing for the next programme with Stewart Milne Group and other industry employers.”

Why is this programme so important?

“Against a background of skill shortages and increasing demand for housing, the initial aim of the programme was to future-proof the numbers of skilled professionals across our own company, however, home-builders are all recruiting from the same resource pool, therefore the only answer was to expand that “pool” for the industry as a whole. The programme is so important because it not only addresses the skills shortages but offers development opportunities to our current workforce of qualified tradespeople and other disciplines and also gives us the ability to market the apprenticeship in schools and colleges as a great way to develop a professional career in our industry.”

And how would it feel to win the Trades Innovation Award?

“The programme has been developed, written and is now being delivered by every department across our organisation. To win would recognise our work and achievement across the group and acknowledge the huge importance we place on the training and development of our people and that we always take a wider perspective for the benefit of our industry.”

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