Finalist Spotlight: Stewart Milne

SM 11.01.19 065

Health and safety is hugely important across all industries, including construction and trades. The Trades Award for Excellence in Health and Safety recognises the contribution of construction and trades companies to the health and safety of their employees, contractors and the wider industry. Stewart Milne is one of these shortlisted HSEQ champions and Greg Johnston, Group HSEQ Director, spoke to us about the company’s commitment to safety.

Congratulations on your shortlisting for Excellence in Health and Safety! You have strong HSEQ culture in place at Stewart Milne. How do you promote this across such a large business?

“We have been working on our H&S culture in real terms since 2013. We covet being a coaching organisation where everyone does the right thing, even when nobody is looking. To date we have put 1,300+ employees and subcontractors through the one-day Choose Safe launch programme. As a business, safety is driven from the top, we have a number of core values. One of these simply states that working safely is a condition of employment.”

And how will you continue to improve?

“We never let up and continue to drive H&S improvement. We are on-going with many new, and a number of refreshed, H&S initiatives. Midst review currently, is our setting to work process which we are enhancing to ensure this aligns with the expectations on our on-site supervisors and the persons with whom they set to work.”

How would it feel to win the award?

“It would feel fantastic to win. Verification and recognition of our ongoing efforts across the Group in improving and empowering our employees to great things in terms of H&S would feel superb.”

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